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Light blue and light pink will always look great in a nursery but don’t be shy to try something new! Time to branch out into warmer nature-inspired tones that bring coziness and comfort to your baby’s special space.


Green paint colors are quickly becoming the new neutral. Adding shades of green in your nursery designs makes you connected to nature-giving a sense of tranquility to your nursery.

Green paint colors can add depth and character to a nursery design and look beautiful when paired with brass accents, natural wooden decor, and light fabrics. Some green shades to consider: Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog, Farrow and Ball Pigeon, Benjamin Moore Rainy Afternoon, Farrow and Ball Green Smoke, Benjamin Moore Chimichurri and Sherwin Williams Pewter Green.


Another paint color trending recently is dark blue - these can bring elegance and serenity to your baby's room. Certain blue shades will look gorgeous with brass accents, warmer wood tones, and natural materials. Some blue shades to consider: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, Benjamin Moore Gentleman's Gray, Farrow and Ball Hague Blue, Benjamin Moore Water’s Edge, Valspar Everglade Deck and Benjamin Moore Deep Royal.


Purple in almost every shade is having a big comeback. If you want a bold nursery color, you can go with a beautiful, rich purple/plum shade that oozes luxury and regality. There are also plenty of gorgeous muted mauve shades that add color while also appearing neutral. Some purple shades to consider: Farrow and Ball Brinjal, Benjamin Moore Amazon Soil, Benjamin Moore Mauve Desert, Benjamin Moore Shadow, Benjamin Moore Pelt and Sherwin Williams Studio Mauve.


Warm earthy tones are perfect if you are going for an “Arizona desert” atmosphere in your baby’s nursery. Some warm Earth tones to consider: Sherwin Williams Malted Milk, Sherwin Williams Likeable Sand, Benjamin Moore Conch Shell, Sherwin Williams Reddend Earth and Sherwin Williams Redend Point.


Rosy pink hues with a touch of terra-cotta can make the perfect backdrop for a nursery, almost like a grounding neutral. Along those same lines, rich mauves and dusty light pinks are great to paint for a pretty and sophisticated nursery design. Some earthy pinks to consider: Benjamin Moore New Age, Sherwin William Studio Mauve, Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster, Dunn Edwards Terra Rose and Benjamin Moore Boudoir.


We, for one, LOVE browns! They are such warm and cozy browns that will make your nursery feel like a sanctuary. Some brown colors to consider: Farrow and Ball Stony Ground, Farrow and Ball Dead Salmon, Benjamin Moore Wenge and Sherwin Williams Threshold Taupe.


One of the biggest paint trends for nurseries are pastel colors ranging from soft blues to dainty pinks and minty greens. Some pastels to consider: Valspar Quiet Mint, Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper, Benjamin Moore Nosegay, Farrow and Ball Skylight, Benjamin Moore Coastal Cottage and Benjamin Moore Pink Bliss.


Instead of stark white walls, try off-whites, creams, and greiges in your nursery design. Some whites to consider: Sherwin Williams Eider White, Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, Valspar Cozy White, and Sherwin Williams Creamy.

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