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12 Autumn Paint Colors To Cozy Up Your Space

Use these colors to infuse your home with the warmth and coziness of the fall season.

As the leaves change colors this fall, consider changing your space with a fresh coat of paint. You can choose a light neutral shade of beige to serve as a backdrop for layering autumnal red and orange hues. Or you can opt for a dark and moody color to make a bold statement. With so many colors to choose from, I hope this color guide helps you find the perfect fall color palette for your space!


Photo: Courtesy of Florencerevival

Color: Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams

One of my favorite neutral white colors that can create a beautiful backdrop for fall tones is Sherwin Williams' Greek Villa. By using a neutral base, it allows you to layer seasonal décor throughout the year. Greek Villa has some warmth to it which makes it great for complementing coppers, rusts and deep greens.

Deep Eggplant

Photo: Courtesy of Valspar Paint

Color: Black Currant by Valspar

If you want a dark and sophisticated fall paint color, try out Black Currant by Valspar. This color is very rich with eggplant hues that can appear like a beautiful brown in certain lights. It's perfect for the fall season because it has warm undertones that complement the golden gleam of fall sunsets and the warm tones of changing foliage.

For a truly moody effect, use Black Currant to drench your space by painting the walls, trim, and ceiling all the same shade. Or for a just a pop of fall color, you can also use it as a trim color to pair with lighter walls.

Golden Yellow

Photo: Courtesy of Interiorbycolors Color: Golden Bounty by Benjamin Moore

Infuse your space with the golden warmth of fall by painting your walls Golden Bounty by Benjamin Moore. Golden Bounty is a gold toned color that evokes a sense of comfort with its bright warmth. For a smaller dose of this sunshine" yellow" hue, consider using it on an accent wall or beadboard in a bathroom or mudroom.

Cinnamon Red

Photo: Courtesy of Graham & Brown

Color: Barolo by Graham & Brown

One of autumn's best spices, cinnamon, doesn't have to just be in your coffee cup and infused in your pancakes! Take inspiration from it and cozy up your home with Barolo by Graham & Brown. This color embraces the warmth and coziness that autumn brings by mimicking those deep red leaves on the sidewalk.

This is another color you can drench your space with by painting it on the walls, trim and ceiling as seen above.

Classy Black

Photo: Courtesy of Poshpennies Color: Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams

Walls and trim aren't the only things that can get painted in your home! Kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets are a great way to showcase a dark, dramatic color. For a bold look, try the darkest black on the market, Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. I personally love how dark cabinetry looks against light wood tones, creamy white or off-white walls and touches of greenery.

Olive Green

Photo: Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

Color: Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams

I don't know about you, but when I think of fall, olive green always comes to mind. Olive green paint has gained a lot of popularity in the interior design world as of late because it is a truly versatile color that pairs well with any décor style. Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams is a muted olive green that feels effortlessly cozy. This shade of green fades well into the background of your space while bringing the warm shades of fall to the forefront.

Cool Green-Gray

Photo: Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Photo: French Gray by Farrow & Ball

If you're looking for a color that doesn't scream "fall" but is still a great transitional color, try out French Gray by Farrow & Ball. This color's cooler undertones have hints of seasonal fog without losing its green hue. This color or similar colors would look amazing painted in a bedroom with soft white bedding and brass furniture accents.

Midnight Blue

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Flanagan Interiors

Color: Midnight by Benjamin Moore

For another dark and sophisticated fall paint color, go with Midnight by Benjamin Moore. Use this color on your interior walls, trim, or even built-in bookshelves as pictured above. This is a great color if you want a moody space but don't want to commit to a true black. Midnight can create a cozy and masculine atmosphere in an office space. Try layering this elegant shade with antique brass accents and dark warm-toned woods.

Terracotta Orange

Photo: Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Color: Red Earth by Farrow & Ball

Red Earth by Farrow & Ball is a beautiful terracotta shade that delivers a cozy fall warmth to a room without being too overpowering. Red-toned colors can sometimes be overwhelming in a space if not done correctly. This terracotta color is light enough to bring warmth without being too "in your face". It also pairs nicely with other fall colors and will glow during those golden fall sunsets.

Bold Purple

Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Parkinson Design

Color: Brinjal by Farrow & Bal

Purple-toned colors bring luxury to any space. Brinjal by Farrow & Ball is a deep purple-red shade that brings rich, warm tones into a space. Try this color out on a hutch or organizer cabinetry in your mudroom as pictured above. This is another color that would look great drenched from trim to ceiling if you want to really go for it.

Deep Burgundy

Photo: Courtesy of SGStyle

Color: Burgundy by Sherwin Williams

Autumn is the most colorful season of all so it is no surprise that a deep burgundy color such as Burgundy by Sherwin Williams is on this list. This color brings sophistication and warmth to a space. Like a purple-toned color, it also has depth and elegance. Adding colorful décor around it, as pictured above, can create a beautiful feminine atmosphere to an office space.

Navy Blue

Photo: Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

Color: Naval by Sherwin Williams

Naval by Sherwin-Williams is a tried and true navy blue shade. This is another color that looks great in a space year-round, no matter the season. It's easy to brighten up with the right soft finishes and complementary colors. In bright light, its beautiful blue hues shine through and during dim light it can add a cozy, moody atmosphere to the nighttime.

Color Schemes

I paired some of these fall colors with a light neutral white/off-white (for trim). But again, interior design is so fun because you can do whatever makes you happy - keep a white trim or paint your beautiful fall color down to the floor!

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