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White-Glove Guarantee

What is White-Glove Service?

By definition, it refers to the handling of care used when moving products in which movers or shippers wear white gloves to protect the product. We are bringing this concept to the painting industry by protecting your home with intensive detail, cleanliness, and knowledgeable foresight. Usually, painting contractors base their pricing on production rates - we base our pricing on providing our clients with a high-end experience that specialty trades rarely offer. 

Brown's Family Painting:

Will ensure that your home remains clean throughout the entire process by using appropriate cleaning products and equipment.

Will handle the procurement & aid in the selection of your paint colors from start to finish, including ordering your samples, providing specialized palette renderings, swatching paint samples on your home, ordering your paint, and delivering your paint.

Will provide you with daily photo reports at the end of each workday (if the project duration is longer than one day) detailing the work done, notes taken, etcetera.

Will provide you with a customer portal where you can communicate with our staff as often as needed, view notes, updates, invoices, receipts, photos, make payments, take questionnaires, and submit project information. 

Will aid in the process of moving furniture, hanging desired wall decor, and installing exterior light fixtures. 

Will always ensure that you are part of every step.

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